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Electronic ballast 1x80W HF-P 180 TL5/PL-LIII
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Philips Licht
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Electronic ballast 1x80W HF-P 180 TL5/PL-LIII

EAN/GTIN: 8727900952285
Manufacturer: Philips Licht
Manufacturer no.: HF-P 180 TL5/PL-LIII
Manufact.-SKU: 95228500
Customs tariff no.: 85041020
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Model=Electronic, Multiwatt model=no, Dimming 0-10 V=no, Dimming 1-10 V=no, Dimming DALI=no, Dimming DSI=no, Dimming DMX=no, Dimming potentiometer (integrated)=no, Dimming GPRS=no, Dimming LineSwitch=no, Dimming manufacturer´s proprietary system=no, Dimming mains voltage modulation=no, Dimming phase cut-off=no, Dimming phase cut-on=no, Dimming programmable=no, Dimming RF=no, Dimming Sine Wave Reduction=no, Dimming Touch and Dim=no, Dimming Zigbee=no, Dimming with push-button=no, No dim function=yes, For lamp type HI=no, For lamp type HM=no, For lamp type HS=no, For lamp type LS=no, For lamp type T7=no, For lamp type T16=yes, For lamp type T16-R=no, For lamp type T26=no, For lamp type T38=no, For lamp type T-R=no, For lamp type T-U=no, For lamp type TC-D=no, For lamp type TC-DD=no, For lamp type TC-DEL=no, For lamp type TC-F=no, For lamp type TC-L=yes, For lamp type TC-QEL=no, For lamp type TC-S=no, For lamp type TC-SEL=no, For lamp type TC-T=no, For lamp type TC-TEL=no, Suitable for lamp power (1 lamp)=80 W, Suitable for number of lamps=1, Suitable for lamp power=80 W, Nominal voltage=220..240 V, Housing=Metal housing, With strain relief=no, Degree of protection (IP)=IP20, Protection class=None, Length=360 mm, Width=30 mm, Height=21 mm