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Combined arrester for power systems R9LCF712
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Combined arrester for power systems R9LCF712

EAN/GTIN: 4015153826762
WEEE: DE 11290897
Manufacturer: ABN
Manufacturer no.: R9LCF712
Customs tariff no.: 85369095
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The installation of electrical devices may only be carried out by an approved electrician and, in the case of high-voltage systems (> = 400V and country-specific nominal power), only with the consent of the respective electricity network operator.



Combined arrester for power systems System configuration TN-S, System configuration TT, Number of poles 4, Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) 12,5kA, Max. continuous voltage AC 300V, Nominal voltage AC 240V, Voltage protection level 1,5kV, Voltage protection level L-N 0,442kV, Voltage protection level N-PE 1,2kV, Max. overcurrent protection device, parallel connection (fuse) 160A, Max. overcurrent protection device, series connection (fuse) 160A, Mounting method Busbar, Construction size 2 modular spacing, Max. conductor cross section solid (solid, stranded) 35mm˛, Max. conductor cross section flexible (fine-strand) 25mm˛, Remote signalling, Signalling at the device Optic, Test class Type 1 and 2 and 3, Integrated backup fuse, Overcurrent protected voltage tapping, Degree of protection (IP) IP20