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EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler

EAN/GTIN: 4021087052405
Manufacturer: Mean Well
Manufacturer no.: KSC-01L
Manufact.-SKU: KSC01L
Customs tariff no.: 85044095
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The installation of electrical devices may only be carried out by an approved electrician and, in the case of high-voltage systems (> = 400V and country-specific nominal power), only with the consent of the respective electricity network operator.



The EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler KSC-01L works as a KNX line/area coupler to provide a bi-directional data connection between two KNX TP lines/areas. KNX TP main line and KNX TP subline are coupled having a galvanic isolation in between.

Using the TP Coupler application, KSC-01L can be used as a KNX TP line coupler to connect several KNX TP lines but also as a KNX TP area coupler to connect several TP areas or different KNX TP installation systems via a TP Backbone. Telegram filtering is accomplished according to the installation place in the hierarchy (Physically [addressed] Telegrams) and according to the built in filter tables for group communication (Group [oriented] Telegrams).

For detailed diagnosis all operational modes/states are shown by a duo-LED display. Using the TP Repeater application, KSC-01L is able to extend a KNX TP line providing unfiltered data transfer and galvanic isolation between segments. Up to four line segments can form a single KNX TP line by connecting three KSC-01L line repeaters. Each line segment requires its own KNX power supply unit. To ease commissioning and troubleshooting the Manual Function for short-time telegram filter switch-off and special routing/repetition/confirmation settings are available.


  • supports extended frames and long telegrams up to 239 Byte APDU length
  • ACK sending on sent out messages is ETS configurable
  • When there is no IACK response on the subline KSC-01L is able to repeat messages up to three times
  • Repetitions can be configured for both Physical Telegrams and Group Telegrams via ETS (to ease troubleshooting)
  • Automatic function for switching back to run-time telegram filtering after configurable suspension period (see Manual Mode)
  • For an ETS configurable time period, it is possible to switch off telegram filtering by only pressing a button on the device front panel
  • Temporarily suspending telegram filtering eases commissioning and debugging
  • Without ETS download temporary access to other lines becomes possible.
  • In networks with high busload the internal amount of communication buffers are capable of smoothing peeks in the communication load course.
  • KSC-01L´s ETS database entries are available for ETS4, ETS5 and later

Any received telegram is routed to all lines irrespective of in which line it is processed. Line repeaters make no use of a filter table. It is therefore not important whether the telegram is generated within a line or whether it is sent from an upper line to a lower line via a coupler.
When a transmission error occurs, i.e. due to a wrong receiving Physical Address, the line repeater is able to repeat the telegram up to three times. With the parameter Physical: Repetition if errors … this function can be configured separately for each line.

In case of routing a Group Telegram without receiving an acknowledgement, the line repeater repeats telegrams up to three times. With the parameter Group: Repetitions if errors..., this function can be configured separately for each line. If not already configured as Line/Area/BB Repeater, the ETS application program TP repeater has to be downloaded to the device. Under the Information tab the configuration setting can be changed by the drop-down menu Change Application Program. After changing the configuration setting the filter table entries can be added manually. Updating the application program can also be done here.

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Front view Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
Front view
View on the left Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
View on the left
View on the right Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
View on the right
Back view Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
Back view
View up front Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
View up front
View top left Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
View top left
View top right Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
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Top rear view Mean Well KSC-01L EIB/KNX TP Media Coupler
Top rear view


The expert jury has awarded the parent company EIBMARKT® GmbH the title "BEST OF 2015" in the category "Entertainment 3D“. This first-rate product (3D reprography in e-commerce - www.eib3D.com, a subsidiary of EIBMARKT® GmbH Holding) has particularly convinced the jury and, thus, belongs to the top group of all applications submitted. This product was photographed by www.EIB3D.com.