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Wireless Wireless Transmitter STC-Ethernet
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Wireless Wireless Transmitter STC-Ethernet

Manufacturer: Thermokon
Manufacturer no.: 403191
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The installation of electrical devices may only be carried out by an approved electrician and, in the case of high-voltage systems (> = 400V and country-specific nominal power), only with the consent of the respective electricity network operator.



The STC-Ethernet wireless receiver is designed for receiving and processing telegrams of Thermokon radio sensors belonging to the EasySens family as well as other devices, transfering measuring values based on the EnOcean standard. By means of this component it is possible to evaluate radio sensors by a PC or by an Ethernet capable controller via the Ethernet. The protocols TCP or UDP can be used.
An antenna 2.5m and a CD with the configuration software is supplied along with the device. The software provided enables the configuration of the IP-addresses, the learningin of sensors to the receiver and diagnosis possibilities of the learnedin sensors.
For the operation of the receiver, an additional external 868 MHz antenna with a FME-female connection is necessary. This antenna can be ordered separately as an accessory with different connection lengths (2,5m/10m/20m).

Product Specification
Product: Receiver for up to 30 radio sensor based on the EnOcean standard
Standard: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (Auto detection)
Protocol: TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, Ethernet MAC
Power Supply: 230V AC 50/60Hz
Typical transmitting range: 30m in buildings with antenna
CEconformity: 89/336/EWG Electromagnetical compatibility, 73/23/EWG Lowvoltage directive
EMV: EN607301 (2000) Interference, EN607301 (2000) Emitted interference
Product safety: EN607301 Autom. electr. control units and controllers for domestic use and similar applications
Ambient temperature: 0...60°C
Rel. air humidity: 0...75%rH, not condensed
Store temperature: 20...70°C