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Presence detector True Presence KNX

EAN/GTIN: 4007841056339
WEEE: DE 39896667
Manufacturer: Steinel
Manufacturer no.: TRUE PRESENCE KNX
Manufact.-SKU: 056339
Customs tariff no.: 90318080
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The world´s first real presence detector: 100% real presence detection with the True Presence® KNX presence detector from Steinel! Steinel has redefined presence detection with the True Presence® KNX presence detector. No more unnecessary follow-up time - no more unnecessary electricity costs. 100 percent reliable detection through the finest high-frequency measurement of the environment. On an area of 64 m2, the True Presence detector reliably detects the presence or absence of persons - through physical micro-movements by human vital functions such as the breathing up and down of the chest or shoulders. The True Presence® was developed as the first real presence detector. It reliably reports whether a person is in the room or not. This makes it possible for the first time to reliably detect absences. Steinel therefore speaks of the most precise presence detector ever. In our online shop we offer you the True Presence® Multisensor KNX from Steinel as well as the Multisensor Air KNX and the True Presence® presence detector at an interesting special price. These innovative top products from Steinel will help you to advance the digitalisation of your building automation in the long term. Experience the new standard in building automation KNX with True Presence® and multisensor AIR KNX! The presence detector and multisensor True Presence/Air KNX from Steinel has the following essential product features and characteristics: KNX bus system, design: presence detector, width=103 mm, length=103 mm, depth=32 mm, supply voltage KNX, sensor technology: high frequency, indoor applications, surface-mounted installation, frequency range 7.2 GHz, electronic scalability, installation height 2.00-12.00 m, optimum installation height 2.8 m, 360 ° detection angle, 360 ° opening angle, sneak-by protection: Yes, Radial range 15 m, Tangential range 15 m, Twilight setting teach, Twilight setting: 2-1000 lx, With bus coupling, Protection class IP20, Material plastic, Colour white, Colour RAL9010, Variant: KNX flush-mounted, Model: KNX

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Front view Steinel TRUE PRESENCE KNX
Front view
View on the left Steinel TRUE PRESENCE KNX
View on the left
View on the right Steinel TRUE PRESENCE KNX
View on the right
Back view Steinel TRUE PRESENCE KNX
Back view
View up front Steinel TRUE PRESENCE KNX
View up front
View top left Steinel TRUE PRESENCE KNX
View top left
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Top rear view Steinel TRUE PRESENCE KNX
Top rear view

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The expert jury has awarded the parent company EIBMARKT® GmbH the title "BEST OF 2015" in the category "Entertainment 3D“. This first-rate product (3D reprography in e-commerce - www.eib3D.com, a subsidiary of EIBMARKT® GmbH Holding) has particularly convinced the jury and, thus, belongs to the top group of all applications submitted. This product was photographed by www.EIB3D.com.