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EIB/KNX Universal Actuator 8fold 10A
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Mean Well
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EIB/KNX Universal Actuator 8fold 10A

EAN/GTIN: 4021087049115
Manufacturer: Mean Well
Manufacturer no.: KAA-8R-10
Manufact.-SKU: KAA8R10
Customs tariff no.: 85044090
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The installation of electrical devices may only be carried out by an approved electrician and, in the case of high-voltage systems (> = 400V and country-specific nominal power), only with the consent of the respective electricity network operator.



The EIB/KNX actuator is a 8 channel device with high quality independent latching relay for switches, shutters or any possible mixed applications. The compact design with 4SU (72mm) wide modular makes it suitable for the installation in the distribution board on 35mm DIN mounting rails. The connection to the KNX bus is implemented via a bus connection terminal. The switching relays are particularly suitable for sitching ohmic loads, capcitive loads - for instance LED drivers - and inductive loads as well as motors in shutter- or blind-applications. The actuator is powered via EIB/KNX and does not require any additional power supply.


  • 8 channel acuator in compact size
  • output switching rating: 10A per channel
  • suitable for various and/or mixed applications
  • for AX, C-load, capacitive & inductive loads
  • programmable via ETS5 software
  • manual control via push button
  • programmable various time- and scene-functions
  • 3 years warranty by manufacturer


  • building automation
  • lighting switch
  • shutter/blind control
  • heating control
  • ventilation function

Usage & possible applications
The universal actuator has its field of applications always if you ask flexibility. It can be parameterized as well as an adequate switching actuator. Further, there is the possibility of embedding the channel into automatic blocks and activate different scenes. At activation of the automatic function, absolute position can be approached via 1 Bit object. This function is e.g. very suitable for the start-up of sunblind positions, which are called via a brightness sensor. Additional weather alarms are parameterize able, which can call determined functions at the universal actuator. Additional a manual control of the shutter/blinds can be switched on or off.

Parameterized as switching actuator, the settings switching output and staircase are available. At the configuration switch, all settings are available which are necessary for a comprehensive parameterization. As well On-/Off-delay, normally opened mode or normally closed mode, cyclic sending, central function, logical functions as scene function are adjustable. Additional the reset
behavior and the blocking behavior can be set. Via the staircase function an automatic switch off after a determined time can be adjusted.