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EAN/GTIN: 4021087028059
Manufacturer: Mean Well
Manufacturer no.: KDA-064
Manufact.-SKU: KDA064
Customs tariff no.: 85044095
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The installation of electrical devices may only be carried out by an approved electrician and, in the case of high-voltage systems (> = 400V and country-specific nominal power), only with the consent of the respective electricity network operator.



The EIB/KNX DALI Gateway KDA-064 is used to connect a digital DALI lighting system to the KNX installation. Thus, room-based lighting control is conveniently incorparated into the higher-level KNX building management system.

The device transforms switch- and dim-commands from the connected KNX system into DALI telegrams and status information from the DALI bus into KNX telegrams. The EIB/KNX DALI Gateway KDA-064 is a Category 1 device (in accordance with EN 62386-103). This means the device must only be used in DALI segments with connected ECGs and not with other DALI control devices within the segment (No multi-master function).

Power supply for the up to 64 connected ECGs comes directly from the DALI Gateway. An addistional DALI power supply is not required and not permitted. The item comes in a 4 units wide DIN rail casing so it can be directly integrated into the main distribution box. The connection to the KNX bus is realized via bus connector. The DALI Bus is connected via screw connectors on the device itself. ECGs can be switched, dimmed and set to a defined value in 16 groups per gateway. In addition to group control, the DALI Gateway KDA-064 offers the possibility to individually control up to 64 ECGs.


  • KNX proof gateway
  • easy configuration & installation
  • cost effective solution for smart buildings
  • connect up to 64 DALI ECGs/drivers
  • built-in DALI power supply
  • LCD 2x12 display
  • lighting control via button
  • lighting control via integrated web server
  • setting up to 16 DALI lighting groups
  • setting up to 16 DALI scenes


  • flexible DALI commissioning concept: directly on the device or via the integrated web server
  • different operating modes for groups and ECGs such as permanent mode, nighttime mode or staircase mode
  • burn-in mode for each individual light with specific burn-in time settings
  • integrated reader to count the operating hours of each light with an alarm to signify the end of its life span
  • individual fault recognition with objects for each light/ECG
  • complex fault analysis at group and device level with number of faults and calculation of fault rates
  • fault threshold monitoring with individually adjustable threshold values
  • Quick exchange function for the quick and easy replacement of faulty ECGs
  • test mode for centrally powered emergency light systems
  • support of self contained emergency ballasts

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Front view Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
Front view
View on the left Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
View on the left
View on the right Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
View on the right
Back view Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
Back view
View up front Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
View up front
View top left Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
View top left
View top right Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
View top right
Top rear view Mean Well KDA-064 EIB/KNX DALI Gateway
Top rear view


The expert jury has awarded the parent company EIBMARKT® GmbH the title "BEST OF 2015" in the category "Entertainment 3D“. This first-rate product (3D reprography in e-commerce - www.eib3D.com, a subsidiary of EIBMARKT® GmbH Holding) has particularly convinced the jury and, thus, belongs to the top group of all applications submitted. This product was photographed by www.EIB3D.com.