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EIB KNX Service Standard 100mฒ
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EIB KNX Service Standard 100mฒ

Manufacturer: EIBMARKT
Manufacturer no.: i-tools - PH90100
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We always deliver the latest available article version.

The installation of electrical devices may only be carried out by an approved electrician and, in the case of high-voltage systems (> = 400V and country-specific nominal power), only with the consent of the respective electricity network operator.



Due to the extremely high demand there will only be limited dates available. So, do specifiy your planned moving or completion date in the additional remark field of the cart. Please, take into consideration that your order for these services must be entered into our system at least 5-10 weeks (depending on project size) before the planned completion date.

This service kit only makes sense if you order a local electrician to carry out the required assembly. Our services are designed precisely for a cooperation between you as the owner, our EIB KNX planning specialist and your electrician.

All documents & special plans are designed in a way that the electrician on site as well as other subcontractors can understand and carry out the installation (after your approval), which was provided by us according to your requirements and wishes.

The enclosed PDF file Mustervilla_01.pdf represents only a sample extract from a plan to make understanding easier. The real planning even for a standard owner-occupied house is much more comprehensive. The complexity and all the resulting interfaces or overlapping processes with other trades (heating, window and door supplier, air-conditioning-/climate etc.) will generally only be revealed in such a special planning. At this point in time latest it becomes clear that such a requirement specification is absolutely necessary.

Service Package EIB KNX "Standard"

(without subsequent putting into operation on site, see article version "Full Service")

As a neutral system integrator, developer and producer of assembly groups (EIB KNX, DDC etc.) we provide our high-quality services (i-tools) worldwide. Our professional competence results from the realization of over 500 projects in 10 years which have earned several international awards (WINNER OF EIBA-AWARD 2002, WINNER OF SPECIAL EIB/KNX-REWARD 2004, WINNER KNX AWARD 2012, etc.). Benefit from our experience!

Following many inquiries and requests, we can now offer our services as one comprehensive and easy to handle package. With the order confirmation you will automatically receive a contract fulfilment warranty for the services agreed upon by our bank.

Volume of Services:

This service package (package price) includes the engineering planning (EIB KNX requirement specification) as well as all EIB KNX parameterizations, programmings and the putting into operation process for the project by means of ETS (EIB Tool Software) plus the optional ("Version "Full Service") subsequent putting into operation on site incl. documentation on data carrier.

Not included are planning and project services of interface definitions for subcontractors which cannot be carried out by EIB KNX devices available on the market. However, these can be inquired about separately in advance or during the handling stage of your project and, if you are interested, they can be ordered in addition to the requirement specification as an additional service.


Projects located within Germany, Switherland, Austria and Belgium and maximum

100 mฒ Floor space

independent of the efforts necessary for programming your desired controls & regulating processes in the project and the quantity of the EIB KNX devices (programmable EIB KNX devices with a bus connection (BCU)), as defined together with you in the requirement specification. (Programming efforts must be technically feasible e.g. the requirement profile must be technically feasible, possibly required hardware such as logic modules must be available, this will be determined by our professional planners and defined in the requirement specification). Project handling and consulting will generally be in the German language! This service is based on the fact that all EIB KNX modules to be programmed by eibmarkt have been purchased from eibmarkt. EIB KNX items that are to be programmed and have been purchased elsewhere are charged according to actual programming effort.

Excluded are licences, software tools or visualization services (visualization software, HomeServer, external interfaces etc.). These must be enquired about (i-tools, see main menu) and ordered separately (virtual product enquiry, request for quotation).

Process Description:

1. Requirement specification EIB KNX


The requirement specification should be the first thing when starting the whole planning process of your house.

The requirement specification is the basis for project planning, parameterizing/programming and putting into operation of an EIB KNX facility!

Advantages of a requirement specification:

  • Required hardware is defined according to the respective functions.
  • If hardware is already available, this will be taken into account when the requirement specification and specific requirements are determined.
  • All parameters, characteristics and connections are generated.
  • Clearly defined demands on the system integrator of your choice.
  • 100% safe planning of all project costs for hardware and services.
  • Caused by missing requirement specifications and unclear function definitions many owners have not got their due in court. (implementation and monitoring obligation of the ordered services and service limits)

All important data will be discussed via e-mail. You will always receive the current planning stage in a PDF-file or special software tool.

What is a requirement specification?

Function list with function description consisting of a room topology plan with definition of room functions, sensor system, building and facility functions as well as central functions and distributor topology as overview of the whole actuator/sensor system in the electrical distribution(s) for your electrician. Using the given information EIBMARKT GmbH works out the following documents/services for you:

  • Function examples to make decisions easier
  • EIB KNX room topology requirement specification
  • EIB KNX Distributor topology
  • Recommended hardware selection (actuator/sensor system, quotation of the complete EIB KNX hardware)

You will be given a personal project manager. The first discussion takes over the director/conductor of the application development Mr. olive Schulz. Basis of the requirement specification are the first instructions you give (installation plans with electrical devices, desired switch programmes etc.).

Now, we will create the first version of the requirement specification for you (01). After its completion we will send you this first version together with a Viewer Software. This software is used to load and view the requirement specification. For page by page navigation use the lower margin of the software. A zoom function permits to view details. The requirement specification includes questions of the planner. Please do not immediately contact the planner by phone but inform us of your intended call by mail. You should at least reserve about 0.5 - 1 hours for this (MO-FRI 08.15 – 12.00 and 13.00– 17.00) to give us time to explain our plans. After that, you should study the provided project again carefully and send all questions and desired modifications by mail first to enable our colleagues to prepare for the next discussion. After the second conversation with the planner (Always suggest a date and time for the call since the planner must not be called directly, company rule) all your modifications will be incorporated. After your final check there will be a final discussion to make small changes if required. Here, the electrical distributor topology plan will be handed over for a first check, however, it will not be updated until the last modification of the requirement specification has been made. After its third revision the requirement specification is ready. After that, we cannot include any other modifications free of charge. Now, the electrical distribution topology with all devices (EIB KNX) and the respective channels will be prepared and sent.

2. Parameterizing EIB KNX (ETS)

Based on the requirement specification, our company provides the parameterization of the EIB KNX devices using the EIB TOOL SOFTWARE. To do so, we ensure all required services such as integration of all necessary product databases, import of all products, assigning physical addresses, providing group address lists, assigning the group addresses, parameterizing all devices.

3. Programming & putting into operation EIB KNX (Lab Plauen Germany)

Based on the requirement specification, our company provides the parameterization of the EIB KNX devices using the EIB TOOL SOFTWARE. To do so, we ensure all required services such as integration of all necessary product databases, import of all products, assigning physical addresses, providing group address lists, assigning the group addresses, parameterizing all devices.

4. Second putting into operation EIB KNX (on site), optionally, do not contain in this version (see "Full Service)

After having delivered all EIB KNX devices to you or your electrician, the devices have to be integrated into your facility. After completion by your electrician, which means for example that all EIB KNX – controlled/regulated devices (lamps, blinds etc.) are connected and ready for operation, the system will be put into operation on site. All functions will be tested and approved of together with you. It is recommended to run the whole system for several weeks before we come to put the system into operation. This will enable you to find out whether you require any smaller modifications which could then be made by us during putting into operation and fine adjustment.

5. Documentation on data carrier CD/DVD

All data is stored properly on a suitable data carrier and handed over. The warranty period starts as soon as the documentation is handed over.

Advice concerning the order procedure:

Only after our acknowledgement and acceptance of order (2nd obligatory mail information) the contract becomes effective. Please enter the expected date of completion (date of move) in the additional remark field (text field) of the cart. If the date is too short or the service teams are tied up, you will automatically receive a refusal of order or we will suggest another date.


If interested, you can receive a free connection to our Remote Server Projects (hardware and software preconditions must be provided by you). Thus, you could benefit from a lifelong 24-hour stand-by service of our team in case of problems, additional requests or modifications. Ask for our free additional offers or our offers with costs.


After registration and login, all costs (also discounts) arising for you will be clearly shown in the cart (over the icon cart) depending on the payment methods, shipping methods and order amounts you have selected as well as your country and address."