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EIB Function modulus FM446
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EIB Function modulus FM446

Manufacturer: BUDERUS
Manufacturer no.: FM 446
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The installation of electrical devices may only be carried out by an approved electrician and, in the case of high-voltage systems (> = 400V and country-specific nominal power), only with the consent of the respective electricity network operator.



This chapter should provide you with the basics of the EIB technology. A few examples will demonstrate the advantages of combining EIB with domestic automation or building management systems. In general, the function module FM 446 acts, regarding its utilisation with EIB technology, only as a communication interface. The function module can only be integrated into the EIB system with the EIB Tool Software (ETS). Leading European electrical engineering companies have joined under the umbrella of the European Installation Bus Association (EIBA). The EIBA aims to develop and advance a common European concept regarding guidelines and, amongst others, buscompatible products. This concept relates to the EIB (European Installation Bus).

Install the function module FM 446 into the control devices, which are part of the Logamatic 4000 control system (software version 4.17 or higher). The function module FM 446 provides an interface to the EIB bus system, and you can integrate it as a user into the EIB system. It primarily serves as communication interface for integration of the heating control system into a domestic automation system using the European Installation Bus (EIB). The main functions originate from the EIB system or the EIB software. Using an EIB system in conjunction with the function module FM 446 enables up to seven heating circuits and the DHW heating of a Buderus boiler control unit to be regulated. If the function module FM 446 has been installed into the control device and after the type of influence of the control unit via the EIB bus has been determined, the EIB expert must – in accordance with agreed arrangements - integrate the function module FM 446 as user into the existing EIB network.